What the New Executive Order On Immigration Means for the E2


On the last Friday in January President Trump signed an executive order that limits immigration, both for refugees and for those coming from seven predominantly Muslim nations for the next 120 days.


What’s an executive order?


The simplest explanation is “an executive order is an official statement from the president about how the federal agencies he oversees are to use their resources” (read more from The Atlantic article here). This particular power of the presidency comes from Article II of our constitution. An executive order isn’t a law – laws can only be created by the legislative branch of our government. It is only a directive issued by the president to have his agencies work within the confines of already existing laws and budgets.


What does the executive order say?


It “severely restricts immigration from seven Muslim countries, suspends all refugee admission for 120 days, and bars all Syrian refugees indefinitely (read more from The Atlantic article here).”


Who is affected?


Within the realm of E2 Visa holders, only those who are citizens of Iran are both part of the list of treaty countries who would be eligible for an E2 Visa (see the whole list of E2 eligible countries here) and part of the list of seven countries where there is now a ban on entry to the United States.


Should I be concerned?


Yes and no. President Trump ran his campaign with promises of sweeping immigration reform, so this executive order might only be the first change of many with regard to those coming to the U.S. via the legal Visa process. The backlash of this executive order, however, speaks to the fact that many Americans disagree with his decisions on immigration reform. The order itself is less than a few weeks old and already the legal wheels have been set in motion to restrict his desired changes.


I’m looking at coming to the U.S. with the E2 Visa. What do I do now?


Talk to your immigration attorney and your business broker. They will be staying on top of current developments, especially as this first sweeping immigration reform put in place by the President makes its way through our court system.
Do you have more questions about becoming a business investor in the United States but are worried about our current immigration changes? Talk to us today.



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