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What the New Executive Order On Immigration Means for the E2


On the last Friday in January President Trump signed an executive order that limits immigration, both for refugees and for those coming from seven predominantly Muslim nations for the next 120 days.


What’s an executive order?


The simplest explanation is “an executive order is an official statement from the president about how the federal agencies he …Continue Reading »

Dear Foreign National Business Investors – Don’t Let Our Politics Freak You Out


By Michael Monnot –



If we lived somewhere other than the United States and were considering immigrating to the U.S. by investing in a business, then watching only a few minutes our recent election coverage would probably have had us running for the hills.


Like many people in the world, Americans are worried about the …Continue Reading »

In Plain English – Understanding the E2 Requirements from the USCIS, Requirement #1

By Michael Monnot –



Trying to understand the bureaucratic jargon on a government website can be tough, especially if English isn’t your first language. In this series of articles we will help decipher and translate the information from the USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) website into something a bit more clear.


Still have questions after …Continue Reading »

Link To News: Wait, Don’t We Want This Guy?

From Inc.


“Asaf Darash is exactly the type of entrepreneur we should be trying to recruit. Instead, the United States is kicking him out.”


The immigration system in the United States is sometimes flawed, but pathways like the E2 Visa can make more sense than the H1-B for immigrant entrepreneurs.

Read more here:



Michael Monnot

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