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By Michael Monnot –


What would you do if I told you I can bring cash buyers that will pay top dollar for your business? At Infinity Business Brokers we have added another tool to get you a quicker sale at a better price.


If you are looking for a broker to list your business who will just put it on a few websites, wait for calls and then pressure you to sell it to make a sale; that is not my business.


We are a proactive firm and have built an incredibly strong network of professionals around the world who have entrusted us to find businesses for their clients.


We have huge databases of both national and international buyers, a network of immigration attorneys and we have built proprietary software to bring our businesses to a larger number of buyers.


How can we sell your business quicker and for a better price?

One of the fastest growing groups of buyers is those looking to acquire an E2 Visa to come to the U.S., and your business might be one that would qualify.




Our latest acquisition and project?
We purchased the site!


We are ramping up and starting to funnel a substantial amount of traffic to our businesses that qualify for the E2 Visa. Have you thought about selling? Now is definitely the time!


Don’t try and figure out whether or not your business will qualify for the E2 with the vague information that is available or ask brokers that are not entrenched in the Visa process. Contact my firm as we are one of the top Visa brokers in Florida and utilize our tips, tricks, network and knowledge to get your business approved for an E2 Visa buyer.





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