Link To News: Trump’s Latest Moves on Immigration Draws Yet Another Rebuke From Silicon Valley

From Inc. 


“As Donald Trump escalated his crackdown on undocumented immigrants Tuesday, a number of tech entrepreneurs denounced the president’s actions as measures that will ultimately hurt American businesses, continuing a pattern already firmly established in the month since his inauguration.

These latest steps, detailed in a pair of memos released Tuesday, broaden the range of undocumented …Continue Reading »

Link To News: The Immigrant Entrepreneurs Behind Major American Companies (Infographic)

From Entrepreneur


“More than 40 percent of businesses on the U.S. Fortune 500 List are launched by immigrants or children of immigrants.

Much of the time, we overlook the origins of some of our favorite companies and brands. And with all of the confusion caused by President Donald Trump’s recent immigration ban, people may not realize how …Continue Reading »

Link To News: Why Tech Companies Need Immigrants to Function

From Inc.


“Silicon Valley could hire every American with high-tech skills and it would still have hundreds of thousands of unfilled jobs.

This weekend Silicon Valley stood up to President Donald Trump with many of the tech industry’s most influential leaders strongly opposing his anti-immigration executive orders. But the fight on immigration is only heating up.

Despite opposition …Continue Reading »

Link To News: Is Trump’s immigration ban headed for the Supreme Court?

From USA Today


“The Trump administration faces several hurdles in its effort to permanently reinstate an executive order that bans travelers from seven majority-Muslim nations as well as refugees.

By blocking enforcement of the measure Friday, a federal district judge in Washington state set up a judicial process that appears to favor immigration rights groups and other opponents to the …Continue Reading »

Link To News: Federal appeals court rules 3 to 0 against Trump on travel ban

From The Washington Post


“A federal appeals panel has maintained the freeze on President Trump’s controversial immigration order, meaning previously barred refugees and citizens from seven majority-Muslim countries can continue entering the United States.

In a unanimous 29-page opinion, three judges from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit flatly rejected the government’s argument that …Continue Reading »

What the New Executive Order On Immigration Means for the E2


On the last Friday in January President Trump signed an executive order that limits immigration, both for refugees and for those coming from seven predominantly Muslim nations for the next 120 days.


What’s an executive order?


The simplest explanation is “an executive order is an official statement from the president about how the federal agencies he …Continue Reading »

Link To News: The Value of Immigrant Doctors

From The Atlantic


“Immigrants from seven majority-Muslim countries have a reprieve—for now at least. A federal judge in Washington blocked President Trump’s travel ban Friday night.

That means that among other visa-holders, the 260 medical-school graduates from the affected countries who had applied for medical residency slots in the United States are temporarily able to travel …Continue Reading »

Link To News: US: A nation of immigrants, but ambivalent about immigration

From The Washington Post


“America’s self-image is forever intertwined with the melting pot. It’s a nation that welcomes the world’s wretched refuse, a nation built by immigrants, a nation whose very motto is “E Pluribus Unum” — Out of Many, One.

America’s history also is replete with efforts to shut the golden door to arrivals from China, …Continue Reading »

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