Link To News: Why You Should Consider An E-2 Visa Rather Than An EB-5 Green Card

From Forbes


“With Congressional changes coming to the EB-5 program that likely will increase the investment amount required and make it more difficult for an investor to apply, the E-2 visa may make a lot of sense. Careful consideration of the tax and citizenship questions need to be involved, however.”


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Michael Monnot

12995 South Cleveland Avenue, …Continue Reading »

Link To News: Immigrants Helped Create Nearly a Quarter-Million Jobs in Great Lakes Region between 2010 and 2015, New Report Finds

From New American Economy


“An increase in immigrant populations in the Great Lakes region has led to a rebound in the manufacturing industry, a boom in the healthcare sector, and the creation of nearly 250,000 working-class jobs, a new report from New American Economy and the Great Lakes Metro Chambers Coalition finds. This is possible, the …Continue Reading »

Link To News: Trump To Outline Immigration Plan That Would Overhaul Who Is Allowed Into The U.S.

From NPR


“But the number of green cards would stay the same at approximately 1.1 million per year.

Of the four pillars that the administration has always stressed — border security, citizenship, a guest-worker program and what to do with immigrants who have entered the country illegally, including DREAMers — the last two are not addressed.

President Trump …Continue Reading »

Link To News: How to Attract Startups and Tech Companies to a City Without Relying on Tax Breaks

From Harvard Business Review


“Immigration policy is typically set at the federal level, however innovative local initiatives are showing how cities and communities can take action on their own. A pioneering program for these international entrepreneurs is the Global Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) program, funded by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and launched at the University of Massachusetts (where …Continue Reading »

Link To News: Immigrant Entrepreneurs Prove It Doesn’t Matter Where You Were Born

From Forbes


“Whether it’s Vlad Tenev, the Bulgarian-born immigrant co-founder of the investor services company Robinhood, or Yony Feng, the Chinese-born co-founder of the popular fitness company Peloton, the message by now should be pretty clear: In America, if you have a good idea for a business and the skill to implement it, then it does …Continue Reading »

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