Link To News: The employment green card backlog tops 800,000, most of them Indian. A solution is elusive.

From The Washington Post


“An estimated 800,000 immigrants who are working legally in the United States are waiting for a green card, an unprecedented backlog in employment-based immigration that has fueled a bitter policy debate but has been largely overshadowed by President Trump’s border wall fight and the administration’s focus on migrant crossings from Mexico.”


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Link To News: Why Immigration Is So Important In The Global Race For Talent

From Forbes


“It’s a concern that has manifested itself in a paper produced by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), which both highlights the crucial role immigration grows in fueling productivity and economic growth, but also the risks of political short-termism resulting in this talent supply being shut down.

‘The reality is, it is talent that is in shortest …Continue Reading »

Link To News: U.S. Asylum Agents: ‘Very Little Time’ To Prepare Before New Immigration Rule

From NPR


“The Trump administration has implemented its strongest effort yet to curb asylum claims, but an internal memo shows that U.S. asylum officers weren’t briefed until just hours before the sweeping immigration rule went into effect Tuesday.

The new policy bars most immigrants from a long-held practice of applying for asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border. People seeking …Continue Reading »

Link To News: Acting Head Of Customs And Border Protection Says New Asylum Rule In ‘Pilot’ Phase

From NPR


“Mark Morgan, acting head of Customs and Border Protection, said on Thursday that his agency is rolling out the Trump administration’s new asylum rule as a small ‘pilot’ for now but that officials expect it to be blocked in court.

The rule is a major change in U.S. asylum law. It effectively denies asylum protection to most …Continue Reading »

Link To News: Federal Judge Blocks Trump Move To Fast-Track Deportations

From NPR


“A federal judge has blocked the Trump administration’s effort to expand fast-track deportation regulations for undocumented immigrants without the use of immigration courts.

The procedure, known as ‘expedited removal,’ has previously been used to deport undocumented immigrants who cross into the U.S. by land without an immigration hearing or access to an attorney if they …Continue Reading »

Link To News: Federal Judges In 3 States Block Trump’s ‘Public Charge’ Rule For Green Cards

From NPR


“Federal judges in three states — New York, California and Washington — have issued temporary injunctions against the Trump administration’s “public charge” rule, preventing it from taking effect on Oct. 15.

The controversial rule would make it more difficult for immigrants to get green cards if it looks as though they might need public assistance. Titled …Continue Reading »

Link To News: Hiring immigrants is critical to my tech company’s success

From Statesman


“I’m also not the only immigrant I know who has launched a business and created jobs – a number of former employees of SOAL Technologies have started their own businesses, and there are nearly 400,000 foreign-born entrepreneurs in Texas alone. In fact, immigrants are almost twice as likely as U.S. natives to be entrepreneurs. …Continue Reading »

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