From The Center for Public Integrity


“So here is the bottom line: The consensus view among respected economists is that immigration on the whole plays an integral and beneficial role in the economy. Some research has found short-lived negative impact on immigrants already here, primarily, followed by high-school dropouts. But other research has found no initial …Continue Reading »

Link To News: U.S. To Limit The Number Of Refugees Allowed Entry To 30,000

From NPR


“‘This year’s refugee ceiling reflects the substantial increase in the number of individuals seeking asylum in our country, leading to a massive backlog of outstanding asylum cases and greater public expense,’ Pompeo said. ‘The daunting operational reality of addressing the over 800,000 individuals in pending asylum cases demands renewed focus and prioritization. The magnitude …Continue Reading »

Link To News: Trump Administration Seeks To Close International Immigration Offices

From NPR


“The Trump administration is seeking to close nearly two dozen U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services field offices around the world in a move it estimates would save millions per year. But critics argue the closures will further slow refugee processing, family reunification petitions and military citizenship applications.

USCIS spokeswoman Jessica Collins announced on Tuesday the …Continue Reading »

Link To News: Growing Up an Iranian Immigrant Was Tough but It Taught Me How to Lead

From Entrepreneur


“I was 10 years old in the winter of 1978, when the streets of Tehran were filled with protesters. Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini had succeeded in his goal of ousting the Shah’s 2,500-year-old Peacock Throne, and the country was in turmoil.   

The Tehran of my youth was modern, cosmopolitan and diverse. The people in my neighborhood …Continue Reading »

Link To News: American Immigrants Are Twice as Likely to Become Entrepreneurs. Here’s Why.

From Entrepreneur


“According to a study published in Journal of Business Venturing, immigrants to the U.S. are twice as likely to become entrepreneurs as native-born citizens. The authors explain that ‘cross-cultural experiences may increase individuals’ capabilities to identify promising business ideas.’ I agree, but I also believe that immigrants and entrepreneurs share many traits. Both groups have …Continue Reading »

Link To News: 5 Important Lessons from Immigrant Entrepreneurs

From Entrepreneur


“Is there really an immigrant advantage for success? It is difficult to argue against it. Over 27 percent of U.S. entrepreneurs are immigrants despite being only 13.5 percentof the population. Forty-three percent of the companies on the 2017 Fortune 500 list were founded or cofounded by an immigrant or child of an immigrant. Immigrants are four times more likely to become …Continue Reading »

Link To News: The International Entrepreneur Rule Wasn’t Perfect, but the Trump Administration Killing It Sends the Wrong Message, Experts Say

From Entrepreneur


“Experts say the IER also has quite a few cons. Despite being colloquially referred to as the “startup visa,” the IER isn’t a visa at all — rather, it’s a parole period for immigrant entrepreneurs that begins with 2.5 years. If a business meets certain success requirements (creating at least five qualified jobs and …Continue Reading »

Link To News: Immigrants Play a Disproportionate Role in American Entrepreneurship

From Harvard Business Review


“With many places looking to stoke economic growth, state and local governments have clamored to launch initiatives to attract more immigrant entrepreneurs, hoping they will found businesses and create more jobs. Globally, many countries are doing the same — for example, Chile pays overseas entrepreneurs to come visit for six months through its Start-Up Chile program, as a …Continue Reading »

Link To News: More Than Half of America’s Billion-Dollar Startups Have Immigrant Founders

From Inc.


“More than half of the privately held U.S. companies founded over the past two decades with a valuation of at least $1 billion were started by at least one immigrant entrepreneur, according to a new report from the National Foundation for American Policy, a nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization based in Arlington, Virginia. Of the 91 billion-dollar, …Continue Reading »

Link To News: 4 Reasons Every Entrepreneur Should Want to Hire as Many Immigrants as Possible

From Inc.


“Lau and several other Canadian tech CEOs explained the importance of diversity to business in a 2017 open letter, following an American presidential executive order that restricted immigration into the U.S. A selection:

‘Canadian tech companies understand the power of inclusion and diversity of thought, and that talent and skill know no borders. In choosing to hire, …Continue Reading »

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