Link To News: Houston business leaders’ solution to the immigration crisis [Opinion]

From Houston Chronicle


“I’m one of a growing number of Houston-area business leaders who support a concept called “ID and Tax.” Here’s how it would work. Once an employer receives a Social Security no-match letter and finds that an employee is not authorized to work in the United States, rather than lose that employee to the …Continue Reading »

Link To News: The Many Faces of Immigration Resistance

From CounterPunch


“For the most part, major news organizations like the New York Times, CNN, the Washington Post, and the Los Angeles Times have provided comprehensive, accurate coverage of major immigration-related developments. Significant policy changes and their impacts on people have been presented with careful regard for both detail and larger issues. This is as it …Continue Reading »

Link To News: 3 Lessons From European Entrepreneurs Who Succeeded in the U.S.

From Entrepreneur


“Tushinsky is one of these foreign entrepreneurs who firmly believe that America is still the most open and welcoming environment to visionaries from other countries.

‘Only in the U.S. can you become a local within your lifetime regardless of whether you have an accent,’ he said. ‘That’s what makes Silicon Valley so effective compared to …Continue Reading »

Link To News: Dan Lok Failed in 13 Business Ventures Over Three Years. Now This ‘Unemployable’ Immigrant Manages Millions and Mentors Young Entrepreneurs.

From Entrepreneur


“Though Lok is an international speaker who enjoys wearing flamboyant suits, he still remembers his roots. ‘Who would’ve thought a poor immigrant boy could accomplish so much?’ he asks. ‘No matter where you’re from or what obstacles you’re facing, you can accomplish anything too — if you never give up.’”


Read more here:




Michael Monnot

Continue Reading »

Link To News: It’s Your Last Chance To Immigrate To The USA With A $500 000 Minimum Investment

From Entrepreneur


“It’s undeniable that more South Africans are taking advantage of the EB-5 (employment-based, fifth preference) immigrant investor program, which provides an investor’s entire family with United States green cards based on the creation of jobs for U.S. workers.  

With no age requirement or need for a U.S. sponsor, the EB-5 visa has quickly become …Continue Reading »

Link To News: Now Is the Time to Press Even Harder for Immigration Reform

From Entrepreneur


“As the debate begins in Washington over President’s Trump’s immigration proposal, it is imperative that business and government leaders who are concerned about economic growth press even harder to get this resolved. We need to get beyond arguing about the wall and detention policies and figure out how to get immigrants here who can create …Continue Reading »

Link To News: Trump officials to make it easier for some illegal immigrants claiming medical emergencies to stay

From Washington Examiner


“The Trump administration will make it easier for a small portion of seriously ill illegal immigrants hoping to temporarily remain in the country to have their cases heard.

In a statement, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services said it would reverse course and consider ‘deferred action’ applications that were pending as of Aug. 7 by illegal …Continue Reading »

Link To News: How This Immigrant Entrepreneur Is Helping Others Achieve the American Dream

From Entrepreneur


“Mercedes Concepcion-Gray started working at age 15, and she’s never stopped. Growing up in the Dominican Republic, she made her own money by teaching other kids English and tutoring them in math. At 21, with two suitcases, $200 in her pocket, an engineering degree and relatives willing to house her, she moved to the United States and …Continue Reading »

Link To News: Canada’s Safe 3rd Country Agreement With The U.S. Draws Criticism

From NPR


“Signed in 2002, the agreement operates from the assumption that both the U.S. and Canada offer protections, so people fleeing their homes should apply for asylum in either country they arrive in first.

That kind of deal has gained renewed attention as the Trump administration presses Mexico and Guatemala to take in asylum-seekers traveling through those countries …Continue Reading »

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