Link To News: Without Immigrants, the Fortune 500 Would Be the Fortune 284

From CityLab


“More than 40 percent (43 percent) of today’s Fortune 500 had a first- or second-generation immigrant among their founders, even though just 14 percent of the U.S. population is foreign-born. Nearly a fifth (18.4 percent) of these companies were founded by first-generation immigrants, and another quarter (24.8 percent) were founded by their children. All …Continue Reading »

Link To News: Kevin O’Leary Just Gave This Immigrant Entrepreneur the Deal of a Lifetime

From Inc.


“What really touched the Sharks, and everyone who’s encountered Cabral on his journey was his story as an immigrant entrepreneur in America. But it was the young entrepreneur’s preparation and dedication that spoke volumes about the product’s potential.”


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Michael Monnot

12995 South Cleveland Avenue, Suite 249
Fort Myers, FL 33907


Link To News: Want to Get More Done and Be More Successful? Adopt an Immigrant Mentality

From Inc.


“Successful companies such as Uber, Tesla, and Google are not only similar in their revenue capabilities. But they also share similarities when it comes to having immigrant founders. If you observe the entrepreneurial landscape, you’ll notice that a high proportion of businesses are founded by immigrants.

In fact, researchers at the National Foundation for American Policy (a nonpartisan think tank), studied 87 …Continue Reading »

Link To News: Nearly Half of America’s Top Founders Are Immigrants, Yet Numbers Are Slipping. Here’s Why

From Inc.


“What do Google’s Sergey Brin, WhatsApp’s Jan Koum, and VaynerMedia’s Gary Vaynerchuk all have in common?

You’re likely to recognize them all as highly successful entrepreneurs. You may also recognize each of them as immigrants to the United States, but you’re perhaps less likely to know that they and their families were each relocated and resettled by an organization called …Continue Reading »

Link To News: Arrests For Illegal Border Crossings Hit 46-Year Low

From NPR


“Arrests of people trying to cross illegally into the U.S. from Mexico plunged to the lowest level since 1971, as fewer people attempted the trek, the Department of Homeland Security announced Tuesday.

Meanwhile, immigration arrests in the interior of the country increased by 25 percent, the data show.

The newly released data provides the most comprehensive …Continue Reading »

Link To News: Supreme Court Allows Trump Travel Ban to Take Effect

From The New York Times


“The Supreme Court on Monday allowed the third version of the Trump administration’s travel ban to go into effect while legal challenges against it continue. The decision was a victory for the administration after its mixed success before the court over the summer, when justices considered and eventually dismissed disputes over …Continue Reading »

Link To News: Everything to Know About the Green Card Process for Immigrant Entrepreneurs

From Inc.


“However, I think a lot of non-immigrants don’t understand the process entrepreneurs, employees, and even employers have to go through in order for immigrants to work in this country. I know immigration stories probably do not impact or matter to some of the people reading this column, but I thought it was important to share my story …Continue Reading »

Link To News: 7 Core Characteristics Successful Immigrants Have in Common That All Entrepreneurs Need

From Entrepreneur


“Can you imagine leaving your home, risking it all for the promise of a better life in a new country? It’s no accident that immigrants represent a significant percentage of new businesses in the U.S. They’re eager to build their own version of the American dream. Founder and chairman of Buffini & Company and author of The …Continue Reading »

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