Link To News: 3 Lessons From European Entrepreneurs Who Succeeded in the U.S.

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Tushinsky is one of these foreign entrepreneurs who firmly believe that America is still the most open and welcoming environment to visionaries from other countries.

‘Only in the U.S. can you become a local within your lifetime regardless of whether you have an accent,’ he said. ‘That’s what makes Silicon Valley so effective compared to other countries trying to replicate this success.’ 

The companies that foreign entrepreneurs create in the U.S. offer real proof that diversity works. For example, RubiconMD employs people from different backgrounds and countries of origin, including Ghana, Nigeria, Spain, Canada, India, China and Germany.

In a global economy, unique experiences and a vision that travels beyond borders often becomes a startup’s key asset. Foreign founders in the U.S. dare to be different; perhaps that’s is the one key advantage they can draw on to make them eventually succeed.


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