Link To News: U.S. Colleges Skirt Work Visa Law to Help Entrepreneurs

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Some schools are creating new programs to help immigrant entrepreneurs qualify for an H-1B visa.”


The H-1B visa is the primary work permit for foreign nationals, reserved for employees with at least a bachelor’s degree who work in specialty occupations such as math or technology. Workers must be sponsored by an employer to enter an annual lottery for the 85,000 visas awarded by the U.S. This year, 236,000 workers applied.

But employees of universities — or outside workers who provide services to universities — are exempt from the cap and can obtain H-1B visas directly.

Using that exemption, schools are creating “global entrepreneur in residence” programs that let some graduates work part-time on campus, often as mentors, while they develop their businesses. That allows the graduates to say they’re providing a service to a U.S. university, which can qualify them for the exemption and a smooth route to a visa.



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