Link To News: It’s Your Last Chance To Immigrate To The USA With A $500 000 Minimum Investment

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It’s undeniable that more South Africans are taking advantage of the EB-5 (employment-based, fifth preference) immigrant investor program, which provides an investor’s entire family with United States green cards based on the creation of jobs for U.S. workers.  

With no age requirement or need for a U.S. sponsor, the EB-5 visa has quickly become a popular visa option for those seeking an easier life in America with more educational and employment opportunities for a family’s future.

“However, new regulations that will substantially increase the minimum EB-5 investment amount have been published in the Federal Register, with an effective date of November 21, 2019.  The proposed changes will price out many South Africans seeking to obtain permanent residency within the United States through the EB-5 Visa Program.


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  1. Ramesh vasava says:

    Please guide for authentic way to find out existing EB5 projects.

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