Link To News: 5 Ways To Convert An E-2 Visa Into A Green Card.

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This article addresses the question of how to convert a U.S. E-2 work visa into U.S. permanent residence, often referred to as a green card. For some investors, the challenge of being taxed on worldwide income by becoming a permanent resident of the United States will prevent them from doing this. However, there are many investors who, through sound tax planning, will have organized their affairs in such a way that this will not be a problem. In a previous article I discussed how an investor could obtain a U.S. E-2 visa indirectly, using the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program as an interim step, for those investors whose countries do not have an investment treaty with the United States. (These would include investors from countries like China, Russia, Brazil, Dubai, Lebanon and many of the Arab states.) Some of these investors may very well want to apply under the EB-5 program after securing such an E-2 visa, assuming this can be achieved without losing their current citizenship. For such individuals, or indeed for anyone currently holding a U.S. E-2 visa, this article may be helpful. So here are five ways of converting an E-2 visa into a green card.”


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