Link To News: Immigrants Make Better Workers: Here’s Why

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The Trump administration’s hardline stance on enforcing immigration laws–and resulting family issues and human rights problems–have been topping national news since the president set foot in the Oval Office. It’s a contentious and complicated issue, but according to a group called New American Economy, immigrants bolster the U.S. economy in several important ways:

Nationally, immigrants earned $1.3 trillion in 2014 and contributed $105 billion in state and local taxes and almost $224 billion in federal taxes. This left them with nearly $927 billion in spending power, which they frequently used to purchase goods and services, stimulate local business activity, and create jobs in the broader U.S. economy.

The group also says foreign-born citizens own 18 percent of businesses in the United States.

One such foreign-born business owner says immigrants also bring intangible benefits to the companies they work for. Consider the perspective of Dr. Ximena Hartsock, Chilean-born founder and president of Washington, D.C.-based Phone2Action, a startup that enables citizens to connect with policymakers via email, Twitter and Facebook using their mobile phones. Here are her words on why she wants immigrants working for her.


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