H-1B Worries – What They Mean For E2 Visa Holders

By Michael Monnot – www.InfinityBusinessBrokers.com



The H-1B Visa is in the news, but it may not be as bad as media spin would lead you to believe.


As of April 3rd, 2017 U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) “will temporarily suspend premium processing for all H-1B petitions”. You can read more about this temporary suspension from USCIS by clicking here.


What does this mean?


Basically, those seeking the H-1B Visa will no longer be able to pay a fee to move their application to the front of the que. By suspending the premium processing service, USCIS should be able to reduce the overall processing time for all H-1B petitioners by clearing out a backlog of long-standing petitions.


Who might this affect?


According to Nina Zipkin from Entrepreneur Currently, those eligible for an H-1B visa are ‘working in a specialty occupation’ and ‘earning a wage.’ USCIS defines ‘specialty occupation’ as a position that requires the employee to have earned a bachelor’s degree in a related field, noting that ‘jobs in fields such as engineering, math, and business, as well as many technology fields often qualify as a specialty occupation.’ Equivalent work experience, which USCIS characterizes as three years of work for every one year of education, also qualifies for an H-1B visa.

The hiring practices of many in the tech industry stand to be affected by the suspension. Last year, companies such as IBM, Accenture, Deloitte and Google were among the top applicants for H-1B visas.”


What does this mean for E2 Visa holders and applicants?


Not much, yet. This move, while inconvenient for the tech industry, has no affect on business investors who are considering or already have the E2. We said “yet” because this may be the first of many moves by the new administration to curb immigration to the United States by making changes to our Visa policies. If you are an E2 Visa holder or applicant, you shouldn’t worry about this particular move by USCIS or about your Visa status in the near future.


Are you an E2 Visa holder with questions about potential USCIS changes? Are you considering using the E2 to buy a business in the United States but you have concerns? Please feel free to contact us, leave questions or comment below. We would be happy to help.




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