Why The E2 Should Survive The Immigration Shake-Up

By Michael Monnot – www.InfinityBusinessBrokers.com


Worried about the future of the E2 Visa? Don’t be just yet.



We’ll start this with a caveat. There is no real way for anyone to know exactly how the changes in immigration policy under the new Trump administration will ultimately affect investor Visas like the E2 Visa.


That said, by nature the E2 Visa doesn’t carry with it the immigration-related issues that the Trump administration is currently focusing on. E2 Visa applicants and holders are not trying to sneak across a border, are fully vetted by the U.S. Embassy in their country of origin, are (with the exception of Iran) not on the list of the 6 banned countries listed on the most current immigration ban, bring a substantial amount of money into the United States economy and create jobs for American workers. The E2 Visa is about international investment in the United States, and it is also fundamentally about immigrant entrepreneurship, something to which our country owes a great deal of its success.


The other reason Visas like the E2 should survive the immigration shake-up? The incredible backlash brought about by each and every immigration-related move the administration has made. The initial executive order banning immigration from 7 majority Muslim nations and suspending the refugee program died in our court system and incited protests throughout the U.S. The second re-written executive order on immigration has again been stalled in the courts (you can read the current temporary restraining order by clicking here) and faces many legal battles in the days ahead.


The message here is while it may be a good idea to take a “wait and see” approach to buying a business on an investor Visa, it currently seems unlikely that our business investor Visa programs will be affected in a major way by the new administration. Stay tuned.  


Are you thinking about buying a business as a way to come the United States but have questions about the future of the E2 program? Would you like to know what Visa options may be available to you? Please feel free to contact us or leave any questions or comments here.



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