Dear Foreign National Business Investors – Don’t Let Our Politics Freak You Out


By Michael Monnot –



If we lived somewhere other than the United States and were considering immigrating to the U.S. by investing in a business, then watching only a few minutes our recent election coverage would probably have had us running for the hills.


Like many people in the world, Americans are worried about the threat of terrorism – and our political candidates capitalized on that fear to sway voters their way. Talk of terrorism ultimately leads to talk about immigration, and the talk can be very intense.


What you as a foreign national need to understand is the political rhetoric and campaign discussion was solely for the purpose of gaining media traction – it wasn’t and isn’t how the country as a whole feels about immigrants and immigration.


The U.S. is a country of immigrants, and immigrant entrepreneurs have built and sustained our economy from the very beginning. Many, many American families can trace their family history back to somewhere other than the United States, many within just a generation or two. An American whose parents or grandparents immigrated to this country in order to start a business probably isn’t going to be against that same opportunity for someone today.


The main issue for most of the voting public wasn’t the immigrant entrepreneurs coming to the States to run businesses and create jobs – this type of immigration naturally requires that you follow the rules – it was our issues with illegal immigration (an issue for many countries in the world today). Foreign nationals who are business investors are coming to this country via the business Visa process, and that process requires making your way through our immigration system, which is a complicated, complicated bureaucracy.


This complicated bureaucracy is another reason why foreign investors shouldn’t worry about our political rhetoric. If you’ve had the opportunity to deal with our immigration and citizenship services then you know that our immigration system is huge, clunky and slow which can be a good thing because so is the process to change it. One person can’t come in and rewrite the rules – the system itself will not allow it.


A President or a single Congressman can make some changes, but they can’t do nearly as much as they claim during an election cycle. Our bureaucracy was designed to hold a balance and for major, major change to happen a large number of branches of that bureaucracy would have to agree. If you’ve followed our political news at all in the last few years – you will know how difficult any agreement can be.


The message here is you should take the political rhetoric you hear about our immigration policies as just that – rhetoric. Big changes will happen slowly and with more careful consideration. The United States remains a great place to invest in a business and a great place to live, no matter what our politicians say.


Are you considering a move to the United States but have questions about what immigration policy changes could mean for you as a business investor? Would you like to know what the current status of the E2 Visa? Please feel free to leave any questions or comments here and we would be happy to help.




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