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Link To News: 4 Reasons Why Immigrants Are Essential for Entrepreneurship

From Entrepreneur


“The National Foundation for American Policy recently conducted a survey of 87 different startups, finding that 44 startups, or more than half, had at least one immigrant founder. This is an obvious reason why immigrants are essential for entrepreneurship: According to the National Foundation study, they already make up a massive proportion of the startup …Continue Reading »

Link To News: Entrepreneurs Are Being Deported — And They Might Be at the Center of America’s Coming Immigration Fight

From Entrepreneur


“At the risk of stating the painfully obvious, immigration is a deeply divisive political subject in America today. Typically, if a politician makes immigration an issue, it’s because of the belief that immigrants are taking jobs from Americans. But Babini represents something else entirely — something that no presidential candidate was harping on, that …Continue Reading »

Link To News: Tech Fights Back Against Trump’s Executive Action

From The Hill


“President Donald Trump’s executive order on Friday calling for a 90-day ban on nationals from seven predominantly Muslim countries entering the United States spurred responses across the technology industry from major tech companies including Google, Apple and Uber.”


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Link To News: Should U.S. Visa Control Tighten, Here’s How Overseas Tech Firms Might React

From Entrepreneur


“While few expect a complete shutdown of skilled worker visas as Indian engineers are an established part of the fabric of Silicon Valley, and U.S. businesses depend on their cheaper IT and software solutions, any changes are likely to push up costs.

And a more restrictive program would likely mean Indian IT firms sending fewer …Continue Reading »

Link To News: Tech Worker Visas Face Uncertain Future Under Trump, Sessions

From Entrepreneur


“H-1B visas admit 65,000 workers and another 20,000 graduate student workers each year.”

“H-1B visas admit 65,000 workers and another 20,000 graduate student workers each year. The tech industry, which has lobbied to expand the program, may now have to fight a rear-guard action to protect it, immigration attorneys and lobbyists said.

Trump sent mixed signals …Continue Reading »

Link To News: Why It’s Time to Reform the H-1B Visa Program

From Entrepreneur


“In fact, to remain competitive in this globalized world, the United States needs to attract and retain brainpower — the best and the brightest — not build barriers. Those who are turned away instead go away and build, invent and innovate products and businesses for our competitors. It’s ironic that many “free market” advocates here in …Continue Reading »

Link To News: 3 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Protect Employees From Trump’s Immigration Executive Order

From Entrepreneur


“If a member of your team from one of the seven Muslim-majority nations leaves the US, you can no longer assume their visa will get them back in.”

“Employers should not require (or even permit) employees with green cards or other visas from the seven designated countries to engage in business travel outside of the …Continue Reading »

Link To News: Trump’s Stance on Immigration Punishes Some Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs

From Inc.


“As Trump reaches his 100th day in office, entrepreneurs and small businesses across industries are weighing in. Trump has accomplished little through legislation, but when it comes to immigration, he has acted forcefully through executive orders, regulatory changes, deportations and a repeated rhetoric of ‘America First.’

That rhetoric has already altered reality for the many …Continue Reading »

Link To News: Will Trump Visa Order Fix A Broken System Or Smash It?

From Entrepreneur


“Entrepreneurs are hopeful the Trump Administration will effectively reform the highly unpopular lottery for 65,000 visas that currently favors outsourcing firms in India over employers sponsoring individual employees. They are also worried the political pressure driving “hire American’’ policies will ultimately lead to fewer jobs for everyone. One cited Uber hiring away nearly the …Continue Reading »

Link To News: Thousands of U.S. Workers Rally Against President Trump’s Immigration Policies on May Day

From Inc.


“In Washington, D.C., commercial construction company owner Salvador Zelaya paid his employees took the day off to attend a march. The Salvadorian business leader said his 18 workers were spending the morning making banners to take to a rally that will end in front of the White House.

Zalaya offered a simple message for the …Continue Reading »

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